CPT (Intern) | OPT (Employee)

Curricular Practical Training  & Optional Practical Training are programs that allow international students to work off campus in jobs related to their field of study.

International Student

A student who is studying in the US on a F1 visa is considered an international student. The student is allowed as a part of their degree program to work off-campus with an employer to gain experience through CPT or OPT programs.

Starting on CPT

For a student to start with your organization on CPT, your company does not have to file any paperwork except issuing an offer letter than details the start and end date and the agreed salary amount. The engagement of the student with your company can be part-time or full-time.


Provide offer letter

Make sure to check the I-20 issued by school

Follow guidelines setup by the school

Starting on OPT

The OPT program starts after a student graduates from a US university/college. OPT is for a period of 12 months and students graduating with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) degree can extend the OPT for another 24 months, if the employer they are working for is e-verified.


How can WayLit help?

WayLit acts as your in-house expert to verify the legal status of the student and checks all the documents to make sure that the student's profile and position meet USCIS guidelines. We flag and resolve any issues to file a smooth H-1B petition.


Legal verification

Documents verification

H-1B petition setup

Milestone tracking - OPT & H-1B

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