Sample Immigration Policy

Having an immigration policy helps you to set right expectations and for your foreign national employees to know what to expect during their immigration journey with your company. Here's a sample of immigration policy that you can use and build on -

Fictitious Employer - Acme, Inc.

Fictitious Immigration Management Firm - ImmiTec


  • Employee: Foreign National Employee OR Non-US Citizen

  • Supervisor: Acme's manager, who the employee reports to directly

  • Point of Contact: HR Manager or Supervisor who signs the legal documents



The immigration process can seem daunting and is very personal to the individually who are impacted. At Acme, your immigration case is very important to us and we work hard to provide each employee the level of support and information they need to navigate the process.



Acme partners with ImmiTec Immigration to support its foreign national employees. ImmiTec Immigration provides Acme and its employees legal and paralegal support through the pre-filing, filing and post-filing processes of a visa petition.



ImmiTec ensures we stay abreast of all immigration matters related to you, including document and visa expirations, policy changes etc. ImmiTec’s team is available to answer your immigration questions Monday through Friday 7AM through 7PM. You can reach them via email to set up a call or get an email reply. The return time on every email ticket is under 24 hours.



Upon joining Acme you will be introduced to the Global-Tec team and they will help you navigate the immigration onboarding process through their portal. You are responsible for ensuring your profile with ImmiTech is completely up to date including any address changes for them to verify your immigration history and support you.



  • B-1 - business travel visa

  • TN (citizens of Canada and Mexico)




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