About Us

WayLit aims to help small and medium sized employers hire and retain foreign national talent with the same ease as large companies do. Our product is built to democratize access to a larger talent pool.

Our Product

Our product is built with transparency in mind. You and your company's success is at the heart of everything we do. Having gone through the process ourselves, we understand that the immigration process can be cold, especially for your employee. We make sure that you and your employee are always updated and know that we have your back.

Our Team

We have been foreign national employees that needed sponsorship and then employers, who hired foreign national candidates. We understand the perspectives of either side and aim to strike a balance between a 'hands-off' experience for the employer and a 'well informed' experience for the employee.

Raj Singh

Satya Mishra


Have questions? Email us at support@waylit.com or call us at (314) 690-8763