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O Visa

The O-1 visas are for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievements in science, arts, education, business, motion pictures or athletics.

O-1 Eligibility

Demonstrate extraordinary ability through national or international acclaim
For those in science, education, business or athletics, prove that you are at the very top of the field
For those in arts, prove that you are prominent and well-known ​
For those in motion pictures, prove that you are notable and leading in the picture or television.


Hire and retain foreign national employees on O-1


Hiring someone on O-1

A U.S. employer can apply for an O-1 visa by providing the required evidence. The petition must also include a written advisory opinion from a peer group or an expert in the field of work of the beneficiary (employee). 

3 years

Initial term

USCIS issues a three year working term when it first issues the O-1. 

+ 1 year


Unlimited one year extensions are allowed. 

 more years

Further extension

Employees don't have to apply for green card to extend their stay.

Start the Green Card process

It's generally best-practice to start the green card process for the foreign national employee within the first 2 years of employment. 

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