Pricing that scales with your team


  • Dedicated immigration expert

  • Secure Online document repository

  • Electronic LCA & PAF Management

  • Online case tracking (H-1B, H-1B1, TN, L-1, Green Card)

  • Automatic status expiration tracking

  • Centralized dashboard 

  • Reporting

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • E-Verify compliance

  • Immigration history verification

  • Employee onboarding


  • Employee portal

  • Dependent case filing

  • I-94 tracking

  • Online case tracking

  • Travel tracking & support

  • Visa & document support

  • On-call immigration support 


  • Automatic case updates via emails

  • Integration with attorney's platform

  • Secure access to employee information

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Cost per foreign national employee


30-day free trial. No credit card required.

Truly flat fee cost for immigration cases.

We work hard to make sure that we are submitting the strongest petitions to USCIS. We are so confident in our approach that we will cover any RFE costs associated with the petitions that we file. No more worrying about fluctuating costs and pay-by-the minute advise. 


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All plans include

Document Repository

Employee documents

Employees can securely store all their immigration documents based on their immigration history.

Employer documents

Employer documents are stored for use in immigration cases.


All documents are verified by WayLit before they are ready for the attorney's review for the case.

Updated documents

The documents are aways kept updated through immigration cases and travel interviews.

H-1B & L-1 case management

Prevailing Wage Check

Automatic prevailing wage check based on employee profile, location and job description.

Automatic LCA management

LCAs are electronically managed through automatic posting and removal, in compliance with DOL's regulations.

RFE Management

Added tracking for Request for Further Evidence from USCIS. 

Automatic task management

Automatic progress with task alerts, emails and reports sent to stakeholders and task owners.

Green Card case management

Prevailing Wage Check

Automatic prevailing wage check based on employee profile, location and job description.

Advertisement management

Advertisements are posted and managed through different channels to maintain DOL's compliance.

Recruitment management

Tools and support to better manage and log recruitment efforts. 

Automatic task management

Automatic progress with task alerts, emails and reports sent to stakeholders and task owners.

Support & Help

Free Migration

Migrating from another tool or attorney? Let us import all of your data and documents in WayLit at no extra cost.

Immigration Expertise

Get access to our immigration expertise. Let us help you increase your employee satisfaction with effective immigration management.

Personalized Support

We’re available on chat, Slack, and Hangouts. Every day, even on weekends!

Knowledge base

Access to an up-to-date knowledge base with article and video resources.

30-day free trial. No credit card required.


Is WayLit a law firm?

No. WayLit is not a law firm. We partner with highly experienced law firms to provide legal services to the employers that we work with.

Who represents my company to USCIS?

You always have legal representation to USCIS. Our partner law firm represents every petition that is submitted to USCIS. 

Who answers immigration questions?

Your and your employees' immigration questions are answered by our paralegal and legal team.

Who can use WayLit?

We work with employers who want to hire foreign national talent but can't work or represent foreign national employees.

How are number of subscribers calculated?

The number of subscribers are foreign national employees invited on the platform. The managers and attorneys do not count.

Who counts as a foreign national employee?

An individual with a legal immigration status in the US until they receive their green card is considered a foreign national employee. 

Can WayLit help me with USCIS compliance?

Yes. WayLit is built to maintain document and legal compliance as recommended by the DOL and USCIS.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Reach out to our customer support team.

Meet your immigration automation platform

Attorney case management tools don’t provide transparency to you or to your employees. Without an automated workflow, you are constantly dealing with a repetitive and inefficient workload to stay compliant. WayLit is the best of both worlds - an immigration automation platform built specifically around your needs.

"WayLit was great to work with from start to finish. It is clear that the WayLit team is passionate about making a difference in immigration. WayLit made the process transparent and effortless. Great work team."


Josh Leesman

Director, UNCOMN