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Simplify your immigration ops. Globally.

Dedicated Immigration Specialist

Automated Compliance Management

Industry leading support - for you & your employees

Pre-Offer Immigration Verification

Pre & Post Travel Checks

We care about the protection of your data and handle your contact details in line with our Privacy Policy.

"If you are looking for a tool and a team to back you up, look no further!"


Kate Bell

Head of Talent Acquisition | Capacity

Improve Immigration Execution

Join the community of high-growth businesses who trust WayLit to get their immigration right. 


Is WayLit a law firm?

No. WayLit is not a law firm. We partner with highly experienced law firms to provide legal services to the employers that we work with.

Who represents my company to USCIS?

You always have legal representation to USCIS. Our partner law firm represents every petition that is submitted to USCIS. 

Who can use WayLit?

We work with employers who want to hire foreign national talent but can't work or represent foreign national employees.

Is there any setup cost?

No. There is no setup cost that you need to pay. An immigration specialist and a project manager will work with you to chart out a transition plan.

Who answers immigration questions?

Your and your employees' immigration questions are answered by our paralegal and legal team.

Is there a subscription fee to the platform?

No. There is no subscription fee to use the platform. 

Can WayLit help me with USCIS compliance?

Yes. WayLit is built to maintain document and legal compliance as recommended by the DOL and USCIS.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Reach out to our customer support team.

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