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B-1 Visa

The B-1 visa is a visitor visa for foreign nationals wanting to travel to the US for business or professional purposes.

B-1 Eligibility

Individual should have funds to cover their expense for travel and stay of the round trip
The person cannot be compensated by the U.S. entity during the trip
Should prove strong ties to their home country and an intent to return to their country


Bringing someone on B-1 to the U.S.

A foreign national can apply for the B-1 visa by setting up an appointment through their home country's U.S. embassy. Citizens of some countries can get a B-1 waiver.

1-6 months

Initial term

The U.S. Embassy issues an initial 1-6 month visa. 

+ 6 months


One further six months extension is allowed for a maximum term of 1 year. 

 10 year

Total Validity

B-1 visas are generally given out for 10 years and can be renewed at the U.S. embassy of the foreign national's home country.

HR Guide

B-1 Visa & Risk Assessment

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