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Employer-Centric Immigration Services

Your work on immigration does not start or end with a visa petition. Why should the immigration solution limit you? 

WayLit's platform and services work for you year-round to run cases, monitor compliance, and provide outstanding support.

You don't have to be an "immigration specialist" to manage immigration effectively

"WayLit has been such a breath of fresh air for us! I never have to worry about anything related to the immigration process. They are super responsive to questions and always make sure I have all the details and understanding of all aspects of immigration."

Operations Manager | Ivani

Shellie Summers


Deciphering immigration jargon and regulations is hard.


Traditionally, the task of figuring out solutions has fallen on you. Let's change that. Our immigration team works with you to predict and plan.


We approach immigration from the perspective of a consumer and drive operations so that you have complete control over the decision-making process and a good handle on what the processes entail. 

We own the entire process
So, you have better control over outcomes

Compliance & Task Automation
Employer Centric Platform
Immigration Support Team
Experienced Immigration Attorneys

Tracking cases, expirations, and getting answers should not be the entirety of your job

HR's time and effort reduced significantly. A soft cost that is not visible and does not get considered often. The success rate was a significant factor and there was a concrete difference in communication with the employees where they didn’t have to wait on HR to obtain information. 

Sangna Kuhia, Apex Logistics

Sangna Kuhia

V.P. - HR, Americas | Apex Logistics

Efficient execution isn't tracking timelines and expirations. 

People leaders usually get so engulfed in tracking various loose threads of an immigration operation that their job becomes reactive. 

We bring reinforcements, where we track and manage timelines, expirations, and follow-ups with all stakeholders. Every month we plan the next three months with you, so you stay proactive and have confidence that your employees are well taken care of. 

We manage Immigration Life-Cycle
So, you can enhance employee experience

Employee Compliance
Employer Compliance
Pre & Post  Case Support

Managing compliance and paper trails can be tricky in hybrid work environments

"The dashboard feature allows you to look at the current status, related documents, and the timeline all at your fingertips, taking away all the stress involved in the process.

The Way lit team is committed to providing exceptional service."

Electrical Engineer | Employee

Sreenidhi V.


Traditional immigration operations are built around inefficient processes where paper movement slows down everything. 

People leaders are then burdened not only with keeping track of these trails but also with preserving these documents for compliance.  

Let's give you the ability to get rid of that filing cabinet or your shared drive that needs regular grooming and maintenance. WayLit reduces the need for paper copies to be moved around, faxed, mailed, copied, and mailed back. All we want you to do is take a picture! We'll work out the rest. 

To close your immigration execution gap, you need to a system of execution

Onboard employees
Collect and verify docs and immigration history
Run cases - tracking, alerts, reminders & follow-ups
Keep you and your employees informed and compliant
Support employees through travel, interviews, address change, etc.

Manage Immigration Life-cycle 

Immigration management does not stop at case completion for you and your employees.
Manage your employees' immigration life-cycle with WayLit.

"WayLit is great to work with. It is clear that the WayLit team is passionate about making a difference in immigration. WayLit made the process transparent and effortless. Great work team!"


Josh Leesman

Director, UNCOMN

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