Use Cases

Whether you are hiring your first foreign national or are trying to effectively manage the expectations of your foreign national employees and their managers, WayLit is built to help you better manage immigration operations. 


Hire 2x faster and let us handle the immigration management for you. 

Small or mid-size business

Build an effective support structure for your foreign national employees and increase satisfaction with every touch point.


Compliance management and a single source of truth for all stakeholders. 

Forward thinking companies that have automated their immigration

Meet your immigration automation platform

Attorney case management tools don’t provide transparency to you or to your employees. Without an automated workflow, you are constantly dealing with a repetitive and inefficient workload to stay compliant. WayLit is the best of both worlds - an immigration automation platform built specifically around your needs.

"WayLit was great to work with from start to finish. It is clear that the WayLit team is passionate about making a difference in immigration. WayLit made the process transparent and effortless. Great work team."

Josh Leesman

Director, UNCOMN

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Immigration Management Software

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