Frequently Asked Questions

What is WayLit?

WayLit is a HR technology company located in St. Louis. We are revolutionizing the way small & medium size companies hire and retain foreign national talent in the US.

Is WayLit a law firm?

No. WayLit is not a law firm. We partner with highly experienced law firms to provide legal services to the employers that we work with.

Can I use WayLit if I don't have a company sponsoring me?

We work with employers who want to hire foreign national talent but can't work with the candidates without their sponsoring employers. Please have your employer reach out to us for a free consultation.

How can WayLit help me hire & retain foreign national talent?

When a company decides to partner with WayLit, we setup the verification program for your organization, where all new foreign national hires are verified for their legal status, immigration history and immigration benefits. This helps hiring teams make better, more informed decisions. 

Once hired, we strive to give the employee a 'high-transparency' and the employer a 'hands-off' experience. Every foreign national employee gets access to the applicant dashboard showing them their case timeline, updates and status updates. The employer gets access to all the employees in the immigration pipeline, their current and upcoming milestones and the ability to set immigration policies for the organization.

Employees are the most crucial part of the process and we want to make sure that they are well informed so that they can focus on their jobs and not worry about the process.

I already have employees who are on H1B? Can WayLit help?

Yes, WayLit is setup to manage your foreign national employees and their needs more effectively. Your employees would have access to guidance and support whenever they need it. Based on where each employee is in the immigration process, we can manage the next steps and milestones to provide a high-touch service to them so that they stay more informed and more focused on making your business successful.

This is our first time working with foreign national candidates. Can WayLit help?

Yes, WayLit works as your immigration expert to help make the journey simple & easy. Our experts will work with you and your employee/s to setup your organization for the required immigration processes. We grow as your organization grows and thus, helping you make the best choices on the talent pool is our priority.

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