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Aggio used WayLit to hire their first foreign national employee and then to expand the tech team.
Saurabh Bharadwaj
What was happening with your immigration operations that caused you to start using WayLit? 
Being a small company, we are always running over our resource limits. Our primary motive is to put together the best team to stay competitive but finding the best talent is hard. We have always been open to hiring the right candidate for the right job but we were never confident about immigration until WayLit. 

Can you share the list of the immigration processes you use WayLit for today?

OPT, CPT, H1, PERM, Green Card processes, and document storage.

How was your HR team doing these tasks and processes before?

We don't have an HR team, the founders manage HR operations. Given the small number of staff, we were never confident in handling the immigration processes ourselves. 

What else did you evaluate or use to try to solve the problem?

We have worked with a few immigration lawyers to get successful results on previous immigration cases but had to follow up and run around too much with them. Also, there was no clarity on what was coming next and how to make the best decisions when something did not go the way you expected. 


Can you share feedback from employees who have used WayLit?

Our employees are very happy with how their cases have turned out. The process was not only speedy but my employees and I had answers before we even asked questions. Transparency of the process was critical for all of us Aggio to be able to focus on our own jobs. 

Can you share a specific example of any improvements that you have seen with the employees after using WayLit?
Our data engineer got his first H-1B after applying for it for three consecutive years. He has gone through the H-1B lottery with two other employers previously. Even though it was his last chance at getting the H-1B, he was calm because WayLit's team had kept him informed about what to expect and worked with him to figure out the next steps if he wasn't selected. 
"Our team's ability to execute depends on our employees performing at their peak. With WayLit, we have been able to add a partner that keeps our employees focused on their jobs rather than worrying about the immigration process. WayLit has also given me a large portion of my time back that I would have spent chasing attorneys."
In a few sentences – how would you describe WayLit to others?
WayLit is an immigration solution for companies that want to hire the best talent but don't want to deal with the complexity of immigration. WayLit is more than a platform, it is support built for your employees when they need it, without having to worry about paying lawyers for the number of hours.
Would you recommend WayLit to others?



"WayLit's immigration service platform incorporates the power of software and high touch client service to help employers and employees."


Mike Cameron 

Director, HR



"WayLit is absolutely on top of everything. Their proactive approach is genuinely appreciated, thinking of things so I don’t have to."


Debbie Thompson


Meet your immigration automation platform

Attorney case management tools don’t provide transparency to you or to your employees. Without an automated workflow, you are constantly dealing with a repetitive and inefficient workload to stay compliant. WayLit is the best of both worlds - an immigration automation platform built specifically around your needs.

"WayLit was great to work with from start to finish. It is clear that the WayLit team is passionate about making a difference in immigration. WayLit made the process transparent and effortless. Great work team."


Josh Leesman

Director, UNCOMN

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