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PierianDx uses WayLit for better immigration planning and HR & employee support.
Debbie Thompson
What was happening with your immigration operations that caused you to start using WayLit? 
Too many immigration cases to handle to keep employees updated on progress and a lack of organization of documents. Lack of speed by the law firm that was handling our cases
Can you list the names of immigration processes you run with WayLit?
OPT, CPT, H-1B, L-1, PERM, Green Card
How was your HR team doing these tasks and processes before?
We were dealing directly with the law firm and depending on them to keep us updated.
What else did you evaluate or use to try to solve the problem?
I tried to get counsel from the law firm on what I needed to be more effective.
Can you share feedback from employees that have used WayLit?
All positive feedback about transparency and access to the WayLit team.
Can you share a specific example of any improvements that you have seen with the employees after using WayLit? 
In a few sentences – how would you describe WayLit to others?
WayLit is absolutely on top of everything. They provide constant communication directly to the employees. Their proactive approach is genuinely appreciated, thinking of things so I don’t have to.
Would you recommend WayLit to others?



"WayLit's immigration service platform incorporates the power of software and high touch client service to help employers and employees."


Mike Cameron 

Director, HR



"I am very happy about the hand over and being more informed of the process & important milestones."


Saurabh Bharadwaj


Meet your immigration automation platform

Attorney case management tools don’t provide transparency to you or to your employees. Without an automated workflow, you are constantly dealing with a repetitive and inefficient workload to stay compliant. WayLit is the best of both worlds - an immigration automation platform built specifically around your needs.

"WayLit was great to work with from start to finish. It is clear that the WayLit team is passionate about making a difference in immigration. WayLit made the process transparent and effortless. Great work team."


Josh Leesman

Director, UNCOMN

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