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Ungerboeck trusts WayLit to serve their foreign national employees better; file immigration paperwork and track cases

Mike Cameron

Director, Human Resources

What was happening with your immigration operations that caused you to start using WayLit? 


There were a lot of pieces of the immigration process that were becoming very difficult to manage.  We are a small HR team and are very busy with the other aspects of the business and tracking dates, required documents, letter requests, etc., was time consuming.  We were not giving the type of service to our employees that we had hoped for.  Being a software company, we knew that there had to be a better way to manage the process and tasks. 

Can you list the names of immigration processes you run with WayLit?

OPT, CPT, H1, PERM, Green Card processes and document storage.

How was your HR team doing these tasks and processes before?

All manual and in spreadsheets or documents.  We relied on an immigration law firm to help us coordinate stuff, but that was not working as well as we had hoped for.

What else did you evaluate or use to try to solve the problem?

We looked at other attorneys to possibly use, however, they all lacked the technology that would streamline the process and make it easy for us to keep our employees on track for whatever part of the process of immigration they were on.


Can you share feedback from employees that have used WayLit?

The employees have shared that Waylit’s team and platform help to alleviate stress that something might be missed due to the manual process, things like deadlines, proper paperwork, etc.


Can you share a specific example of any other improvements have you seen with the employees after using WayLit?


We had one specific employee who had his personal household situation impacted by a late filing of his H1-B extension.  A subsequent H4 extension deadline was missed for a family member.  This was due to a manual process that was overlooked, and poor follow up. WayLit was able to jump right in and offer guidance that our HR was unable to give. WayLit's team helped lessen the stress level and increase trust in the partnership  between employer, employee and WayLit. 

"The ability to have an advocate and support person to talk to our employees was amazing.  Again, our HR team is small and we are not experts on immigration issues, so to be able to rely on that support has been key to us. All this on top of being able to manage the documents and steps in the immigration process, what more could an HR team ask for is a partner?"

In a few sentences – how would you describe WayLit to others?


WayLit is an immigration service platform, that incorporates the power of software and high touch client service, to help employers and their employees navigate the often complex and often, stressful experience of the immigration process.  By using the platform, you can have a higher level of trust that your employees in the immigration process are being cared for and supported at a high level.


Would you recommend WayLit to others?



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