H1B Job Match

Increase your success rate by applying for the right jobs using WayLit's data-driven job matches with companies that sponsor. 

The challenge

Find the right job based on your profile is hard by itself. Add the complexity of requiring work sponsorship, and the odds get stacked high against you. The 'Spray & Pray' strategy just does not work, given the competition and hard line immigration policies.


Find matching jobs based on your profile

WayLit brings the scattered resources together - Labor Department Data, Startups that have raised funds, Companies that are open to hiring foreign nationals. Our matching algorithms find the best-fit jobs for you to apply. 

Some of the companies that use WayLit to hire & retain foreign nationals

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Apply using data driven information to increase your chances


WayLit's Job Stream

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Profile Analysis

Matches the profile with the employment and job data.


Weekly Jobs Stream

WayLit provides you with weekly stream of high potential jobs.

Meet your personalized job search portal.

Use data driven approach to increase your chances of finding the right job. WayLit provides nationwide coverage to help you increase your chances of getting the offer letter.

“WayLit was a great help in streamlining the process for me and always on top to keep things moving. I am very happy to be using their services.”

Rahul Sawant

Data Engineer, Aggio