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Informed Stakeholders

Better informed employees are less stressed and more focused on your business. WayLit automates the verification, paralegal and post-filing processes to help HR and Hiring Managers be more in control. All closed, open and upcoming milestones are clearly chalked out to keep you, your employees and your attorney informed.

Reduce Time & Cost

We take away the time that you spend right now verifying new employees, starting their immigration processes and keeping them moving in the pipeline. Plus, we promise a flat rate and high quality immigration legal service - eliminating the cost uncertainty associated with these processes.

In-house expertise

WayLit acts as your company's immigration expert and keeps your company verified, compliant and always on top of changing immigration landscape. We also take care of the ground work that goes into filing H1B and Green Card petitions for your foreign national employees. And the support for your team is just a phone call or email away!


"WayLit's immigration service platform, incorporates the power of software and high touch client service, to help employers and employees."  


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