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WayLit is accepted into TinySeed Accelerator - Our journey so far

We are very happy to announce that we have been accepted into the TinySeed accelerator program in their Fall, 2021 batch. 🎉 🎊

We'll be joining the cohort with other early-stage founders who also decided to bootstrap their SaaS businesses - Activity Messenger, CallScaler, Churnkey, Civic Review, Client Hub, Keeping, KioskBuddy, Martial Arts on Rails, Nestify, OfferingTree, Rankbreeze, PanelFox, SkySnag, Shop Tracker, Tonomo, Suggestion Ox & Trendful.

Why TinySeed?

There are a few reasons why we wanted to join this specific accelerator program -

  • We are running a scalable B2B SaaS business that is not cash hungry

  • Our focus is on acquiring customers and keeping them happy

  • A year long program and unlimited access to mentors

  • Our priority is to create a sustainable and profitable business that works not just for the investors but also for the founding team and the employees who will join the company in the future

  • The strong community will help us solve the problems of growing our business but cutting short our learning cycle

Motivation behind WayLit

My co-founder Satya and I decided to start WayLit January last year to solve two problems that we faced as foreign national employees and managers who hired folks on work visas in the U.S. -

  • As a foreign national employee, we had no transparency or control over our immigration processes

  • As managers, it was hard to stay on top of immigration processes and find answers

We just wanted a platform that would work not just for the immigration attorneys but also for employers and their employees. We believe, if we can keep the foreign national employees happy through the process, we will remove a lot of heartache for the employer.


Our mission is to make the immigration process easier, simpler and more transparent for employers and employees


To make hiring foreign national talent in the U.S. as easy as hiring domestic talent


The crucible, the work engine, the foundry - T-Rex is one of the best resources that St. Louis city has to offer. Satya and I met here in 2016 and dabbled on ideas that would later morph into what we are building today. We both made some of our best friends here and met other great founders who have inspired us.

Arch Grants

Arguably, the best thing that happened to us early on was ArchGrants. Getting the $50K grant would not only help kick start the immigration cases engine but would also give us street credit in St. Louis to go talk to employers and for them to take us seriously. We pivoted in the first month of winning the grant but folks at ArchGrants were supportive of our decision and helped us make valuable connections with local businesses.

The Pandemic

Many people ask us - "how has the business changed during the pandemic?"

We actually don't know. We have never known another normal. WayLit was born during the pandemic. If anything, the pandemic has allowed us to take immigration paperwork totally online - for cases and immigration compliance. Building for the needs of a virtual company environment has given us an upper hand over traditionally run immigration processes.

The Team

We were fortunate to start with team members who were passionate about creating a better experience for the employees. Novneet Behera, Daniel Maixner, Shivam Jha and Max Iver have all been instrumental in touching the lives of the foreign national employees and their managers as we deliver case successes for them. ❤️

Next Steps......

WayLit is growing and we are delivering better experiences to our clients and their employees. We believe that with TinySeed, we'll be able to expand our operations to aid more companies in and outside the U.S.

More people will be joining us in our pursuit to deliver a happy experience and create a company where we work with friends not with colleagues.

~ Raj Singh on behalf of Team WayLit

St. Louis, MO


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